Natural Monument—Ginkgo Trees at Kwail County

There are two ginkgo trees, over 1 000 years old, in the township of Kwail County, South Hwanghae Province.

They are a couple of female and male trees, which stand about 50 metres away from each other.

With a height of 20 metres, the male tree is 12 and 18 metres round each in its root collar and crown. It has stronger force of growth than the female tree.

Its main trunk was dead long ago to remain only its traces. Three boughs grow like the main trunk from the root collar.

The female tree is 17 metres tall, with its root collar of 9.5 metres round and its crown of 14 metres round. Its branches became hollow, and new branches and buds grow around them.

Old as it is, it bears many fruits.

The trees are under preservation as natural monuments as they are of significance in scientific research for their long history.

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