For Restoration of Land and Ecosystems

June 17 is World Desertification and Drought Day.

Avoiding, slowing and reversing the loss of productive land and natural ecosystems now is both urgent and important issue for guaranteeing the long-term survival of people and the planet.

For this reason, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) set “Restoration. Land. Recovery’’ as the theme of the 2021 Desertification and Drought Day, the first year of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, and is calling on all countries to focus efforts on turning degraded land into healthy land to build better societies.

The DPRK is conducting the work to prevent land degradation and protect the ecological environment as a nationwide undertaking.

It is positively introducing the advanced agroforestry while giving priority to afforestation and forest conservation.

Based on the long-term plan for afforestation and the agroforestry strategy, the drive to restore degraded forests and productive land goes full steam ahead.

Every year, the central and local tree nurseries produce hundreds of millions of tree saplings, which are planted and cultivated as an all-people drive.

Besides, a well-knit system of keeping watch for forest fires monitoring by means of satellites and airplanes, raising the alarm and mobilization people has been established to prevent damage from forest fires, while intensifying the preventive observation of pests.

Efforts are directed to river improvement and afforestation projects to protect land from disastrous climate conditions caused by global warming.

The DPRK set a decade from this year as the period of the long-term plan for afforestation and water conservation and is vigorously pushing ahead with the restoration of land and ecosystems.

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