New Teaching Methods Pay Off

Jungdok Primary School affiliated to Phyongsong Teachers Training College in Phyongsong City of South Phyongan Province is positively introducing new teaching methods.

Among them is a “thinking visual-aid board”.

The existing visual-aid boards were designed to teach pupils only one thing they have learned during lessons.

The teachers adapted them into the boards that could change into various forms to be conducive to developing the intellectual faculties of pupils.

They made a board for time display for the first time. It was designed to show the time of an ordinary clock and an electronic watch simultaneously so as to help pupils have a correct understanding of time.

Later, they made a jigsaw puzzle board in which several figures are fixed automatically, a three-dimensional board that combines common knowledge with mathematical problems, etc. one after another to help pupils acquire detailed knowledge of matters and phenomena.

They also made various multimedia according to grades and subjects as suited to the mentality of primary school pupils, who especially like animations, so as to help them easily understand the principles of science and used them in teachings.

Such multimedia proved effective in lessons and led to improving the academic performance of pupils.

The new teaching methods are being introduced into other units.

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