With a View to Improving People’s Living Standards

From olden times, our people have widely used such sugar products as corn syrup made from corn and other crops in their dietary life.

The Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory, a large-scale food processing base, produces corn syrup, oktang sugar, cake and candy with corn as raw materials.

All the production lines, ranging from raw material feeding to packaging, are on an automated, streamlined, germ- and dust-free basis, along with the establishment of the food safety management system.

Our factory is provided with equipment and facilities designed and manufactured by our own efforts and technology.

It produces tens of kinds of foodstuffs, giving priority to science and technology.

Our workers are learning many-sided knowledge in the sci-tech learning space and e-library, and through the online education.

The goods show, which is regularly held, heightens the zeal of employees, and many inventors have been produced. The general manager of our factory is also a PhD.

What draws the attention in the factory is the comprehensive corn-processing line. Corn is transformed into starch through several processes to be used in sugar products. Corn syrup and oktang sugar is produced by a biological method of cultivating highly active enzyme. By-products are used as a raw material for oil production and animal feed. In a word, there is nothing to be wasted in the corn processing.

During his visit to our renovated factory on June 15, 2016, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un expressed satisfaction over the fact that it could get the maximum profits in its management by establishing the process of producing oil and animal feed with by-products.

That day, he said that the factory could put production on a normal basis when it is fully provided with raw materials now that it has been renovated to produce and supply more quality sweets and cakes to the people, and took measures to this end.

Encouraged by his loving care and trust, we have produced many quality goods popular among people. Recently, we established a process of producing fried rice-cake chips and a bottled corn syrup packing process and increased the varieties of foodstuffs.

The enthusiasm of our workers to contribute to the improvement of the people’s living standards grows stronger day by day.

Ri Song Chol, chief engineer of Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory

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