Thermal Energy Sources Are Used for Heating System

There are many thermal energy sources in our surroundings, including geotherm, air heat, waste water heat and sewage heat.

With the drive for making effective use of such heat sources going full steam ahead, researchers of the Natural Energy Institute under the State Academy of Sciences established a geothermal heating system of using underground water with a temperature of 4℃ and put it into practice.

Based on an analysis of the process of thermal balance between refrigerant and water in an evaporator, they guaranteed the safety of geothermal equipment by applying a method of controlling the amount of water.

They also developed an operation method of directly applying underground water of low temperature without using freeze-proof liquid.

This method makes it possible to use surface water of river, lake and sea with a temperature of 4 to 5℃ as thermal energy sources and ensure that a room is air-conditioned in summer.

Offices in those units which have introduced the method are fully provided with the heating.

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