Intolerable Criminal Atrocities of Japan

95 years have passed since the June 10th Independence Movement of the Korean people against the Japanese colonial rule over Korea.

No matter how much water may flow under the bridge and even if one generation is replaced by another, the Korean people have never forgotten even for a moment the criminal atrocities of the Japanese imperialists who inflicted innumerable misfortunes and pains on them.

On June 10, 1926, a mass anti-Japanese demonstration was held amid the ever-rising indignation and spirit of the Korean people against the Japanese imperialists for the independence of the country.

The alarmed Japanese imperialists mobilized their forces to suppress the Koreans in a cold-blooded way. They killed, arrested and imprisoned a large number of peaceful demonstrators at the point of bayonets.

The June 10th Independence Movement of the Korean people was the outburst of their pent-up anger against the Japanese imperialists who occupied Korea by force of arms and enforced vicious colonial rule over it, as well as a powerful demonstration of their indomitable will and fighting spirit to regain their country and defend their national dignity.

After the movement, the Japanese imperialists enmeshed the whole of Korea in a web of army units, gendarmerie and police in order to repress the spirit of the Korean nation against them and maintain their colonial domination, and mercilessly suppressed the Korean people’s struggle for independence.

Advocating the three-point policy of killing everyone, burning everything, and plundering everything, they made frantic efforts to kill innocent Koreans in cold blood, being hell-bent on “punitive” operations against them.

They massacred over one million Koreans, kidnapped and drafted over 8.4 million to the battlefields and slave labour sites, and forced over 200 000 Korean women to serve as sexual slaves for their imperial army.

Their atrocities against the Koreans were inhumane crimes beyond human imagination in the aspects of brutality and viciousness.

But Japan resorts to distorting its crime-woven history and justifying its A-class crimes against humanity still today when 76 years have passed since its defeat in the war. And its politicians pay a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, openly exposing their ambition for the revival of militarism.

It is not only an insult to the victims of its war of aggression but an undisguised expression of its sinister intention to realize the old dream for the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”.

Absolutely intolerable are their past criminal atrocities against the peoples of Korea and other Asian countries. Japan can never evade its blames for the crimes.

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