Happy Children

Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans was first set up in Jesan-ri of Hyongjesan District, Pyongyang, in August 1953, immediately after the Fatherland Liberation War.

It admitted war orphans at the ages from seven to twelve.

Five years later, it moved to a new building equipped with better conditions and environment for education and living in Jongbaek-dong of Rangnang District.

In February 2017, the school moved again to a newly-erected building in Hyuam-dong of Sadong District.

The school with a total building area of 7 870 square metres has a three-storey building and a dormitory, which are furnished very conveniently for children’s education and living and as suited to the juvenile mind of children.

The students are studying at the multifunctional and IT-based classrooms, and corridors with visual aids and 15 hobby groups run by the school are also helpful to their learning and intellectual development.

The state supplies students with school uniforms, seasonal clothes, school things and other daily necessities free of charge, and bears even fees for camping and field trips.

Over a hundred employees of the school, including teachers, nurses, cooks, doctors and washerwomen, take warm care of children like their real parents.

At present, the school leads other educational institutions across the country in many aspects of academic performance, moral qualities and physical preparedness of students.

Pyongyang citizens who pass by the school are often attracted by loud reading voices of children and their cheerful appearances.

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