Transport Means Exclusive for Students

Commuter boats and trains for students at schools in mountainous areas are running in several parts of Jagang Province. Last year, officials of the province provided its cities and counties with several boats and buses for students in hard-of-access mountain villages.

Nyongwon County in South Phyongan Province is also operating commuter boats.

Today, boats, trains and buses for students can be found in many parts of the DPRK.

According to an official of the Education Commission, last year alone, the number of commuter boats and buses increased according to the state measure.

The country builds schools and branch schools in every part of the country wherever students live, irrespective of their residence, mountain villages or far-flung islands, and their numbers, and runs trains, boats, buses and other transport means for several students.

Parents of students are deeply moved at the sight of their children going to and from schools by boat, bus and train associated with the affection of the Workers’ Party of Korea which spares nothing for the coming generations.

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