Japan’s “Dominium over Tok Island” Flailed

Japan keeps absurdly insisting on its “dominium over Tok Island”.

A map describing Tok Island as a “territory of Japan” has been posted on a website of the Tokyo Olympics since it was made public in 2019 to show the torch relay course.

Japan has arrogantly responded to the public call for deleting the map, claiming that it remains unchanged in its stand.

Japan’s behaviour is a mockery of the desire of humanity for peace and an unpardonable provocation against the Korean nation’s sovereignty as it is aimed at abusing the sacred Olympics symbolizing friendship and unity for realizing its ambition for usurping other’s territory.

Many countries have sponsored international games such as the Olympics but there was no such a despicable country as Japan which has abused even international sports competitions for realizing its ambition for invasion.

Such disgusting moves of Japan are not the first time, but have gone beyond the red line.

Being hyped up by the regime in an organizational and planned way, the idea of Japan’s “dominium over Tok Island” prevails throughout Japanese society and such propaganda is militarily backed up by the “Self-Defense Forces”.

This year alone, the foreign minister, the chief Cabinet secretary and other dignitaries of Japan insisted on their “dominium over Tok Island”, only to elicit criticism from the international community, and the present regime openly specified in its 2021 diplomatic blue book that Tok Island is an illegally occupied “territory of Japan.”

Newly posted on the Japanese governmental homepage were 57 pieces of misinformation called “available historical data” related with Tok Island. Moreover, remarks calling for resolutely defending the island were heard at a “Takeshima Day” event.

Textbooks for senior high schools in which Tok Island is described as a “territory of Japan” were authorized one after another, according to the government policy of obliging schools to educate students on “dominium over Tok Island” from next year, and right-wing conservative media focus on propaganda about the distorted history.

Meanwhile, the Japanese authorities are saying that they would help the “international community have a correct understanding of the issue” through their embassies abroad and relevant experts dispatched to foreign countries.

Worse still, Japan is now intensifying its military moves to occupy Tok Island by surprise.

The drills of the “Self-Defense Forces” for recapturing islands and the stepped-up arms buildup clearly prove what is the ultimate goal of Japan’s wholesale propaganda about its “dominium over Tok Island”.

No wonder, the Japanese regime seeks to drive the Japanese people to overseas aggression by implanting the idea of “dominium over Tok Island” in their minds and launch reinvasion at any cost by securing a “legal pretext” for turning Japan into a military giant.

Clear is Japan’s ulterior intention to usurp at any cost Tok Island, a point of strategic importance with rich marine resources.

Japan’s desperate insistence on “dominium over Tok Island” with no historical, international and legal grounds only adds fuel to the hatred of the Korean people to surely make it, their sworn enemy, pay dearly for its past crimes.

Tok Island is an eternal inalienable territory of the Korean nation.


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