Second Enlarged Plenary Meeting of 10th SPYL Central Committee Held

The second enlarged plenary meeting of the 10th Central Committee of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League was held on June 2 through the video conference system.

It was attended by members and alternate members of the SPYL Central Committee.

Present there as observers were officials of city and county youth league committees.

The meeting discussed the issue of implementing the important tasks set forth by General Secretary Kim Jong Un of the Workers’ Party of Korea in his letter sent to the Tenth Congress of the Youth League “Demonstrate to the Full the Might of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League on the Historic March Towards a Fresh Victory in the Revolution”.

Mun Chol, chairman of the youth league central committee, made a report.

He stressed that the letter clearly indicated the tasks and ways for the SPYL to fully demonstrate its militant might in the new historic advance of socialist construction.

Noting that all the people across the country are watching with great trust and expectation over the youth on a new starting point after receiving the important letter, he called on them to perform the sacred mission and duty in the historic advance for bringing about a new victory of the revolution, flying high the flag of the SPYL.

Speeches were made at the meeting.

Speakers were firmly resolved to ensure that, true to the slogan “Let us demonstrate the mettle of patriotic youth in the worthwhile struggle for socialist construction!”, all the youth give fullest play to their resourcefulness and gallantry in the drive for carrying out the decisions made at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and thus make a tangible contribution to opening up a new heyday of the Juche-oriented youth movement.

After studying a draft resolution of the meeting, they adopted a relevant decision on it.

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