Kim Jong Un and Children

With an ennobling view on the younger generation that the major goal of carrying out the revolution is for the sake of children, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un devotes his all to them.

He loves children very much, and bestows warm affection on them.

In mid-July Juche 101 (2012), he visited the Kyongsang Kindergarten again to keep the promise he had made to the children two months ago that he would come again.

In the playroom on the first floor he approached the children playing at doctors, and held out his arm to one of them, telling her to examine him, and patted her on the cheek.

In the room for junior class No. 3, he saw the children drawing pictures with a smile on his face, referring to the need to promote drawing among children so that they could cultivate the ability to understand objects and phenomena in their childhood.

He learned in detail about the tables in the dining hall and the system of supplying non-staple foods, and felt water temperature in the wading pool in the basement.

He also enjoyed an artistic performance of children and wished them a rosy future.

During his field guidance trips, he accepted the children’s discourteous request to have a photo taken with them; and he remembered the first birthday of the child whom he had met once during his inspection journey, and presented him with birthday presents.

When he received letters from children, who have just learned their ABCs, he sent them his autographic reply letters. That is why the children cherish his benevolent image deep in their hearts together with their own fathers.

Kim Jong Un bestows unstinting love and benevolence on children, saying that nothing should be spared for their good.

While looking round the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill in December Juche 103 (2014), he said that the Workers’ Party of Korea would take full charge of solving the problem of school uniforms, shoes, school things and bags.

When a new, modern line of producing canvas for bag was established, he examined various satchels produced by the mill with the canvas. On several occasions, he showed close concern for their production, ranging from their forms to subsidiary materials.

Later, the Pyongyang Bag Factory was built under his meticulous care. Visiting the factory as his first on-site guidance trip for Juche 106 (2017), he said that he felt happy as he pictured in his mind the happy looks of children who would go to school with domestically-produced splendid satchels on their backs, adding that all the things necessary for the children should be made by our own efforts.

The Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory, Okryu Children’s Hospital and a fishery station on a port on the East Sea of Korea built exclusively for supplying orphans with fish are closely associated with his devoted efforts for the good of children.

While presiding over a plenary meeting of the WPK Central Committee, he gave an instruction concerning school things to be supplied to children across the country, and later learned in detail about their transportation.

Saying that he has nothing more to wish for even though his body may be scattered like the grains of sand on the road for the good of children, Kim Jong Un is making endless journey for the bright future of the country.

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