No-Smoking Campaign in Full Swing

Today, no-smoking campaign is becoming a global trend in keeping with the aspiration and demand of people to live long in good health and in cultured living environment.

Staff reporter Yu Song had an interview with Ri Hui Gyong, head of the Tobacco Cessation Centre.

Yu: Smoking is now becoming a social headache across the world as it exerts negative influences upon the life and health of people, I think.

Ri: You’re right. Long-term smoking has negative effects on the respiratory organs, brain, heart, blood vessels and digestive organs, causing various diseases or complicating the existing diseases. In particular, the toxic materials in cigarette smoke are the main factors of developing laryngeal, lung and other cancers.

Amid the ever-worsening COVID-19 crisis, the most serious concern is smoking. The first infected and dead person was a man, so experts ascribe the reason to smoking.

According to data, millions of people die of smoking every year. In the 20th century alone, 100 million persons died of smoking. If such a situation continues, larger numbers of smokers will die in the 21st century. For this reason, many countries established tobacco control laws and are intensifying no-tobacco campaign.

Yu: Please tell me about no-smoking campaign to protect the life and health of people in the country.

Ri: The Tobacco Control Law of the DPRK was adopted in July Juche 94 (2005) and has been amended several times.

In November in 2020, the Tobacco Prohibition Law of the DPRK was adopted. Besides, symposiums and technical lectures for no-smoking campaign are being held and no-smoking marks and areas are fixed in public places and public catering establishments and multimedia are televised to raise the public awareness of tobacco cessation.

The country restricts the production and sale of tobacco and the tobacco cessation institutions are conducting researches to develop new pills for tobacco cessation.

Such activities are conducted more briskly on the occasion of May 31, World No-Tobacco Day.

The theme for this year’s World No-Tobacco Day is “Commit to Quit”.

Tobacco cessation is not a practical issue confined to one or two persons but a mass-based undertaking in which everyone should participate as a matter of duty.

All the people should take an active part in the no-smoking campaign for their own health, the happiness of their families and the building of a civilized society.

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