Blessed Children

One day in March, Ri Hye Yong, a paediatrician of the clinic, made a call at the house of Pak Kum Song, a resident in Neighbourhood Unit No.119 in Jangjin-dong, Ryokpho District, Pyongyang.

The householder wondered why as she was not the doctor in their charge who would visit his house almost every day. The paediatrician said that she came to inoculate his baby.

Then, Pak and his wife smiled a welcome to her.

His son was born at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital in February and got hepatitis B and BCG vaccines in 24 hours of birth.

After leaving the hospital, the paediatric department of the clinic inoculated the baby against whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus and measles.

Ri Hye Yong said that all the children across the country receive many benefits from the state through preventive inoculation.

The children in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea receive medical services from an obstetrician before birth and from a paediatrician until they are 14 years old.

A well-knit child medical service system has been established not only in the paediatric department of people’s hospitals and clinics at all levels but in the children’s hospital. Children receive various medical services from medical workers and paediatricians at nurseries and kindergartens and school physicians.

All the children have their own healthcare cards.

Medical workers record the details of children’s conditions and their upbringing, educational and living conditions and hold consultation and checkup regularly.

They also vaccinate children against various infectious diseases and give them prophylactic treatment against rickets, tuberculosis, hepatitis, caries and tonsillitis detrimental to their health and growth.

May 20 and November 20 are Child Health Day in the country. On those days, all the primary healthcare institutions across the country dose essential medicines and compound micronutrients to them and measure their health conditions to take necessary measures.

So Un Sim, Pak’s wife, said: I feel very grateful for the socialist healthcare system of our country while bringing up my child. Our children are really blessed as they grow healthily under the benefits of the country.

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