Short Course for Participants in 8th Congress of GFTUK Given

A short course for the participants in the 8th Congress of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) was given in Pyongyang on May 29.

The short course dealt with practical matters for fully demonstrating the revolutionary spirit of the heroic working class of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il by deeply studying and grasping the essence of the important letter sent by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un to the participants in the congress and further enhancing the combat efficiency of trade union organizations in the drive for carrying out the decisions of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th WPK Central Committee.

Ri Il Hwan, member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the WPK Central Committee, gave a lecture, titled, “On making sure that the participants in the congress fulfil their responsibility and duty in the drive for carrying out the decisions of the 8th Congress of the GFTUK”.

The participants, through the short course, keenly felt that they should make redoubled efforts with an unusual determination and fighting spirit in order to ensure that the trade union displays its original features as a mass political organization of the working class and performs with credit the vanguard role in the new grand revolutionary march.

They visited several places of Pyongyang before and after the congress.

At the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum and the old home in Mangyongdae, the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung, they looked round the historic materials and relics, recalling his revolutionary career in humble reverence.

They visited the “Hall of the Great Leaders and Their Comrades-in-Arms” in the Korean Revolution Museum, where they hardened their determination to faithfully support the ideology and leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un with a single mind and thus add eternal brilliance to the history and traditions of the Juche revolution pioneered and victoriously advanced on the strength of comradeship.

They also toured the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site, Pyongyang Textile Machine Factory and Rangnang Disabled Soldiers’ Essential Plastic Goods Factory. They watched a performance given by the central workers’ artistic motivational team of the GFTUK and a film, and conducted colourful political and cultural activities.

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