Children’s Palace

From ancient times, a king’s house was called a palace. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in which children are regarded as kings of the country builds a schoolchildren’s palace in every excellent place. The Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace is a comprehensive base for extracurricular education of schoolchildren in the capital city Pyongyang. It covers a total floor space of 105 099 square metres in an area of over 214 000 square metres.

The building of the palace looks like open arms for embracing children.

The palace has over 150 rooms and halls for learning and training related to science, the arts and sports, a theatre, a gym, a combined artistic training hall, an e-library, an electronic amusement hall and a 4-D simulation cinema. It also has a swimming pool that can be used for international competitions. Outside there are a driving practice ground, a playground, a park and a dormitory for schoolchildren who come from other local areas to take part in the New Year performance.

It is equipped with a geothermal cooling and heating system.

With an accommodation for 5 000 children a day, the palace is attended by schoolchildren to conduct various extracurricular activities according to their wishes and aptitude after school. Among its instructors are those with honorary titles and academic degrees or titles, including People’s Teacher, People’s Artiste, People’s Artist and People’s Athlete.

Over the past three decades, it has produced a large number of talented persons, including O Un Byol, Kim Hyon Hui, Jong Son Hui, Ri Jin Hyok and Ri Pong Il, who fully displayed their outstanding talents in international arenas.

Labour Hero and People’s Athlete Ri Se Gwang, winner of the Olympic gold medal and three-time world champion, People’s Athlete Ro Song Hui and many other experienced athletes and artistes and competent scientists are graduates of the palace.

The palace is associated with the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un’s scrupulous guidance.

On May 30, Juche 103 (2014), he looked round different places of the palace while giving instructions related to its modernization. Later, he dispatched designing and construction forces, took measures to supply relevant materials and examined many scale models for the modernization of the palace.

While looking round the updated palace on November 30 next year, he stressed the need to intensify the work to find and develop potential aptitudes of children, enhance instructors’ sense of responsibility and constantly improve their practical qualifications and the methods and contents of education. And he saw to it that its inaugural ceremony was held splendidly. Schoolchildren, masters of the palace, cut the tape in the ceremony.

He spares nothing for the children. Thanks to his loving care, our schoolchildren are growing up valiantly as the future masters of their socialist country while learning to their heart’s content.

Jo Mun Chol
department head of the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace

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