Gold Medals and Medical Sports Scientist

Gold medals won at sports games are not merely invested with the efforts made by the players and their coaches.

During the World Weightlifting Championship held in 2015, an accident happened to the DPRK delegation.

Rim Jong Sim got injured while snatching the weights.

After examining her physical conditions, the medical team of the International Weightlifting Federation said that there was no help to her, and restrained her from continuing her game.

But the delegation doctor in charge of the players gave her skilled intensive medical treatment for seven minutes, and helped her continue the game and stand on the podium.

After the championship, Rim fully recovered her health thanks to the doctor’s help and took the first place in the 31st Olympic Games held in Brazil next year, thus becoming a twice Olympic gold medalist.

The doctor, who had drawn the attention of the audiences, jury and players and coaches of other countries is Kim Yu Mi. She is now working as a section chief of the Sports Medicine Institute under the Academy of Sports Science.

As a medical scientist in her early thirties, she possesses outstanding abilities and talent in the clinical field. When she was studying at Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, her colleagues had predicted that she would be a competent doctor in the future. But she became a medical researcher for the sportspeople.

Starting her career, she realized that she had to learn more.

In daytime, she used to be on the training ground together with the players, studying training and medical treatment methods suited to their physical constitutions and ages. And at night, she read books on sports medicine, directing strenuous efforts to researching medical control for the optimum conditioning by the players, characteristics of the relevant sports events and the corresponding physical burden on the players.

In the past decade, the DPRK players bagged many gold medals in tens of international competitions including the Olympic Games and World Weightlifting Championship. Those gold medals also represent her wholehearted devotion.

She is now working as a member of the medical department of the Asian Weightlifting Federation and a doctor (member of the technical staff) for the International Weightlifting Federation.

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