Devoted Efforts to Treating Cutaneous Melanoma

“Research into clinical character of cutaneous melanoma and diagnosis of early lesion” is one of the papers written by Pak Kyong Ryol, head of a department at the Ministry of Public Health Dermatological Hospital.

He found out features of types and stages of diseases in the treatment of cutaneous melanoma and introduced them into clinical practice.

As a malignant tumor of pigment cell line of skin, cutaneous melanoma spreads rapidly according to the increase of primary lesion and has a high death rate.

It, a kind of neoplasm with high malignancy, breaks out in skin and occupies 6.8% to 20% of cutaneous malignant tumor.

When he started his career as a doctor at the above-mentioned hospital, he witnessed patients suffering from skin cancer.

Whenever he consulted such patients, he made a resolve to recover their health at any cost.

But, it was not easy to carry it out. No one can take the scalpel readily if he or she fails to have profound medical knowledge and high practical qualifications.

He broadened the horizon of his knowledge by going over books on the latest medical technology and magazines and followed the good experience of competent medical workers. In the course of this, he developed a new therapy that suits the physical constitution of the Korean people and accords with the stages of cutaneous melanoma.

In 2005, Jon Suk Ryon, who was living in Rangnang District of Pyongyang, got to the hospital with melanoma on the sole of her foot. She was diagnosed as having third-stage malignant melanoma.

Inspiring her with courage and confidence, Pak made painstaking efforts to recover her health. Thanks to his selfless devotion, she came to life over 60 days later and went back home.

In this way, Pak recovered the health of patients who were concluded not to bring back to life.

His paper “Clinical study into ablation range of cutaneous melanoma” was highly appreciated at the 12th Pyongyang Symposium on Medical Science of Compatriots at Home and Abroad.

Pak also wrote the “Complete Book on Dermatology” (4 volumes) which synthesized his clinical experience.

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