A Great, Harmonious Family

All the Korean people give full play to the ennobling moral traits of helping and leading one another forward, sharing good times and bad with each other.

They accord respect and preferential treatment to war veterans and the aged people and take care of the seniors who have no means of support.

Whenever they are told of the happy news about the moving into new houses built in different parts of the country thanks to the benefits of the state, they are delighted with it as if it was their own.

They regard it as a natural duty to offer their blood and flesh without hesitation even for a total stranger to them, in case he or she is in the jaws of death.

Ri Yong Sun, a woman living in Tukjang workers’ district, Pukchang County, South Phyongan Province, has taken care of the health and living of a couple of war veterans as she would do her own parents so that they enjoy their remaining years in good health.

Ri Jong Im, teacher of Saesallim Senior Middle School in Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang, has frequented the houses of war veterans and honoured disabled soldiers in the district together with her students so that they acquire the trait of respecting the revolutionary forerunners.

Several years ago, Ra Kum Hyok, worker of the Solar Heat Equipment Distribution Agency, was on the verge of death by an accident. At that time, the medical workers of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital and his colleagues devoted themselves for his treatment. Thanks to their love and sincerity, he was brought back to life and now engages in a job suitable to his working ability.

Among the people possessed of lofty virtues who volunteer to do good things for society and collective is Kim Chun Hwa who works at the Hoean Youth Coal Mine under the Pukchang Area Youth Coal-mining Complex.

She could be said to perform her duty to society by devoting herself for her husband, a special-class honoured disabled soldier.

But she was not satisfied with her efforts only for her family’s happiness. So, she volunteered to be an honorary member of the coal mine and has made a tangible contribution to increasing coal production. She also conducted agitation for increased production at power stations and other major construction sites in the province, giving material assistance to them.

For her contribution to the prosperity and development of the country over the past three decades, she was awarded the title of Labour Hero in June Juche 109 (2020).

Last year when several areas of the country were hit by flooding and typhoon, all the people prepared relief materials for the flood victims with sincerity, sharing weal and woe with them.

In particular, the combatants of the divisions of Party members dispatched from the capital city of Pyongyang to the devastated areas in North and South Hamgyong provinces, after completing their tasks at the rehabilitation project sites, volunteered to go to other disaster-hit areas, rather than returning to Pyongyang, and performed great feats.

As they have established the relationship of love and trust and cooperation and comradely unity between members of society, the Korean people are living harmoniously in a great family of socialism.

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