House Licenses for the People

All families in the DPRK possess house licenses.

The license is a legal certificate which the State gives to industrial, farm and office workers when houses it has built are allotted to them.

In August last year, Taechong-ri in Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province was afflicted by the unprecedented flood which hit almost all parts of the country. As a result, many dwelling houses in the locality were inundated and local residents were left homeless.

The State moved the flood sufferers to a safe place and mobilized all construction forces and means to build better houses for them in a short span of time.

In the ceremony for the completion of the houses, such licenses were given to the residents.

Kang Un Hui, a farmer, said: I’ve been unaware of what a great State benefits are. After being left homeless, I realized how valuable home was to me. We thank the State very much for giving us the licenses although we’ve done nothing special for the country.

When modern Ryomyong Street was completed in April 2017, the State did so for teachers and researchers of Kim Il Sung University as well as the families evacuated from the street.

Ri Song Gyong, a student of the then June 9 Ryongbuk Senior Middle School in Taesong District, who had lost her parents in an accident, was one of the evacuees and also given a house license.

In recent nine years, the DPRK has built Changjon Street, Unha Scientists Street, Wisong Scientists Residential District, apartment houses for lecturers of Kim Il Sung University and Kim Chaek University of Technology, Mirae Scientists Street and the aforesaid street and a large number of dwelling houses in rural areas. And it granted the licenses to all the families moving into the houses.

At present, the construction of 10 000 flats and a residential district of terraced apartment buildings for 800 flats on the bank of the Pothong River are in full swing in the capital city of Pyongyang.

When the projects to be finished within this year are completed, such licenses will be given to ordinary working people, the owners of new houses.

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