Recycling in Full Swing in Light-Industry Factories

Recycling of resources is in full swing in the light industry factories in the capital city of Pyongyang.

Several garment factories are increasing the variety of products, including children’s clothes, gloves and cushions, by recycling cloth scraps, old cloth, etc.

The Pyongyang Garment Factory remoulded the existing scutching machine which was used only for one kind of cloth scraps so as to produce various kinds of quality cotton.

The Songyo Cotton-Beating Mill established a process of producing blankets by making use of recycled cotton.

The Pothonggang Footwear Factory renovated the existing injection press so as to mass-produce the sole of shoes by making use of recycled materials.

It widely uses the reinforcing leather in making trainers and ensures the supply of materials for production of shoes by means of equipment manufactured as suited to its specific conditions.

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