Exchange of Education Information in Full Swing

The education information company under the Education Commission sets it as its mission to make a contribution to putting education on a modern, IT basis by developing various programs, hardware and multimedia, publishing and printing, and acting as an agent for intellectual property rights.

Jon Sung Myong, head of the company, said: It is our goal and aspiration to guarantee the future development of education through active exchange of education information.

In the past, the company has produced and disseminated textbooks, reference books and e-books corresponding to the education in the era of the knowledge-based economy.

It has developed a lot of education-supporting programs, including the programs for teaching administration, screening of program contests, administration of common knowledge contests of students, improvement of qualifications of teachers and researchers and assessment of students’ academic performance, and such dictionary programs as “Dictionary of IT Vocabulary”, and introduced them across the country.

It made a contribution to the educational work by manufacturing information-oriented equipment such as a foreign language audiovisual device and a system for analyzing feedback on the lecture.

At present, the company is developing teaching-supporting and self-studying programs and multimedia conducive to creating new useful and superior teaching methods and education-supporting programs by means of artificial intelligence technology.

It publishes a reference book “Modern Mobile Communication Technology” and other IT-related books.

It also acts as an agent for inscription, protection and circulation of such intellectual property rights as patent, copyright and trademark.

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