To Go Ahead of the Times

Refresher courses for in-service administrative and economic officials are in full operation in the DPRK.

This year alone, thousands of officials were enrolled in the online refresher courses of Kim Chaek University of Technology to acquire knowledge helpful to improving their work in keeping with the developing trend of modern science and technology and the changing subjective and objective conditions.

They receive reeducation for a certain period, but they can reduce the period of courses according to their efforts.

In this period, they study compulsory subjects and can select more subjects according to their wish. Most of them select the economic mathematic methods, economic rules and their use, environmental economics, etc.

They study in a creative way, putting questions about the problems arising in reality directly to the makers of teaching plans.

Pak Ji Song, staff of the State Commission of Science and Technology, said: At present, officials of the Secretariat of the Cabinet, Central Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Ministry of Electric Power Industry, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, Ministry of Commerce, National Aerospace Development Administration, Pleasure Ground Management Administration, North Phyongan Provincial People’s Committee and other ministries, national agencies, people’s power organs, and industrial establishments are taking active part in the refresher courses. After finishing the courses, they are presenting plans to improve the work of their units and go ahead of the times. This show that they are enterprising and innovative. I can see their fervent enthusiasm to think and study ceaselessly.

Kim Il Sung University, University of National Economy, Wonsan Jong Jun Thaek University of Economics, etc. are upgrading the contents and methods of refresher courses as required by the orientation of the State economic policy, the actual conditions of the country and the world trend of economic development.

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