Young Orchards Spread out by Noble Love for People

Fragrant flowers came into full bloom in the fruit farms erected at many parts of the DPRK.

“If anyone sees the vast orchards covered with apple flowers in full blossom in spring and with apples enough to make the ground collapse in autumn, he would not refrain from exclamation. They are, as it were, the earthly paradise of socialism where happy voices of people`s laughter seem to be just heard.”

This is one part of the article carried on the Indonesian paper International Media a few years ago.

These fruit farms are now conveying the imperishable exploits performed by the peerlessly great men who devoted their all in order to convert this land into the people`s paradise covered with all kinds of fruits and send them the tasty fruits.

TASS of Russia reported that the fruit farms of the DPRK were reviving under the guidance of Leader Kim Jong Un. He was energetically guiding their work in order to ensure that they could bring about a bumper yield of fruits by inviting update science and technologies accorded with the climatic and soil conditions of the country.

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