Japan’s Sinister Moves for Continental Aggression

The Japanese government specified again Tok Islets as a “part of Japan’s inviolable territory” in its 2021 diplomatic blue book.

This is utterly intolerable as it is an extension of the century-long persistent and deep-rooted moves of the Japanese reactionaries for seizing foreign territories.

The Korean nation has already made it clear with undeniable historical facts and data that Tok Islets is its inalienable territorial part. It is the fact also recognized by the international community that Tok Islets is a territorial part of the Korean nation.

But Japan persistently insists on its “dominium over Tok Islets” without any scientific accuracy or lawfulness in the light of geography, history and laws.

Such an impudent territorial claim, for which Japan has come under sharp criticism by the Korean nation and the international community, can never be viewed as a behavior caused simply by lack of its understanding.

The Japanese reactionaries seek to create a bellicose atmosphere of “territorial recovery” and step up militarization by widely spreading the absurd argument of “illegal occupation of Tok Islets, a part of Japanese territory” throughout the Japanese society. This is also aimed at inventing a legal pretext for launching continental aggression.

By establishing a “museum of territorial claims” and authorizing textbooks to specify “Japan’s claim to Tok Islets”, the Japanese reactionaries are openly instilling the twisted outlooks on history and territory and the idea of aggression into the minds of the Japanese people and their younger generations.

On the other hand, they keep themselves busy conducting military drills for “recapturing islands” and beefing up the military muscle.

Japan dreams of reviving the past imperial and militaristic era when it became notorious for committing bloody massacres and plunder. Thus, there is no doubt that Japan would launch full-scale continental aggression after reinvading the Korean peninsula under the pretext of recovering its “dominium over Tok Islets”.

Japan’s moves to usurp Tok Island constitute a dangerous provocation; they are intended to spark a war for continental aggression.

As recognized by history and international laws, Tok Islets are an inalienable part of the sacred territory of the Korean nation.

It is an unwavering will of the Korean nation never to overlook any attempts to alter this stark reality but to counter it with merciless measures.

Japan would be well advised to think twice about the catastrophe which might come of its anachronistic territorial ambition.

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