Ideal of Young Koreans

Early in January last year, Chae Kum Chol, a student of Phyongsong University of Education, was spending the days of winter vacation in his hometown.

One day, his teacher in the senior middle school days told him that a branch school in a forestry workers’ village was short of teachers.

He was lost in deep thought with the graduation close at hand. It was his ideal to win fame as a competent educator at a school in the city.

But at the critical point of decision, he keenly realized that education of the rising generations is conscience and devotion.

So, he made up his mind to work at the branch school of the mountain village over 68km away from his hometown, after graduation.

He was followed by other young people

Last year, graduates from Kim Hyong Jik University of Education, Nampho University of Education, Kim Jong Suk Teachers Training College, Sinuiju Teachers Training College and others across the country volunteered to work at schools or branch schools in the frontline areas, islands and mountain villages.

After the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (January 2021), a large number of youth league officials and other young people across the country volunteered to work at coal and ore mines, cooperative farms, power station construction sites and other major sectors of the national economy.

They find the pride and delight in their life on a road of realizing their ideal and aspiration for doing more work for the good of the country and people in their youth.

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