Efforts Are Directed to Nursing Education

The role of a nurse in medical treatment is as important as that of a doctor.

The DPRK has built nurse training schools in different parts of the country and is directing efforts to the nursing education. Among them is the Pyongyang municipal public health vocational technical school.

An Chol Ho, principal of the school, said: Our school trains students into competent nurses through education in nursing sciences of internal treatment, surgery, paediatrics and gynecology, and manual therapeutics, etc.

The school ensures that its students master the injection method, an elementary yet important skill for medical treatment.

To this end, it developed a 3D program for injection practice which is in wide use in lessons. The program took the first place in the national education experimental apparatus and teaching tools exhibition.

Various teaching methods developed by the school were highly appreciated in the national exhibitions of sci-tech achievements in the public health sector.

The school with a history spanning about 30 years has produced a large number of nurses.

Many of its graduates are making a tangible contribution to improving the people’s health in the curative and preventive institutions at all levels in Pyongyang.

In the run-up to International Nurses Day (May 12), the school is conducting various activities.

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