Self-reliance Is National Trend of DPRK

Nepalese newspaper Greater Nepal wrote:
Kim Jong Un, President of State Affairs finds himself always among the people. So, he is reading their ideas and demand in time and reflecting them in the policies of the Party and the State. He regards as an unbreakable principle to give top and absolute priority to the people`s interests and their conveniences. The DPRK takes self-reliance as a power of its progress. The history of the Korean revolution is the history that was pioneered by and victorious with self-reliance.The amazing successes achieved in the DPRK fully demonstrate the inexhaustible power of its self-development. 

The Korean people have created and developed everything in their own ways depending on their strength, technologies and resources.

Self-reliance has become a mighty power and sword to inspire the Korean people to the struggle for making a new victory in order to fulfill the decision of the Eighth Congress of the Workers` Party of Korea.

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