DPRK’s Specialty―Kaesong Koryo Insam

Kaesong region in the DPRK is the center of cultivating and processing Insam, as it is favorable to its culture in terms of soil, climate and geographical situation.

The word Insam came into being from its root that resembles human body. Sansam is the one naturally grown in mountains and when cultured, it is called Insam. 

Insam has started being called “Koryo Insam” or “Kaesong Insam” since it was exported to other countries from Koryo dynasty and widely known to the world since then.

However, it was not until the time when President Kim Il Sung liberated the country that Insam began its service to enhance the people`s health and their life.

Many Insam products made in the DPRK are contributing to ensure the people`s health and the demand of the cosmetics made of Insam is also getting very high.

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