Natural Monument—Gray Heron at Somok-ri

Somok-ri in Jangjin County, South Hamgyong Province, is inhabited by gray heron. The habitat is located on the highest mountain region among the similar habitats in the DPRK.

The gray heron at Somok-ri is 91-102 cm long and weighs about 1.5kg.

Its head and belly are white and back is gray. And there are white stripes on its chest and flanks. A black decorative feather is on the back of its head with a long decorative feather under its neck. The colour of its beak and legs changes according to seasons. It feeds on tadpoles, frogs, snakes, tiny fish, shellfish, crabs, etc.

Gray herons breed in flocks, build a round nest on the branches of a tall tree and lay four or six blue eggs. They sit on eggs for 25 to 28 days.

They breed in March and April and live in the lowlands before flying to the warm southern region in late autumn.

The birds and their habitat are under preservation for their scientific and ornamental significance.

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