Dangerous Military Adventure of Japan

Japan is resorting to a dangerous military adventure.

The Japanese reactionaries are mulling over staging the largest-ever military exercises involving 140 000 soldiers of the Ground “Self-Defense Force” from September to November this year.

It is said that manoeuvres simulating an emergency would be conducted on a nationwide scale with the involvement of troops and latest war hardware 8 times more than in the exercises that were staged by different route groups last year.

The Japanese reactionaries, as always, cite bolstering up the defense capability for coping with “threats from neighbouring countries” and providing for China’s advance into the sea as a stereotyped pretext to justify themselves. But actually, it is a revelation of their sinister intention to step up the preparations for reinvasion and take the first step for overseas expansion.

It is none other than Japan which is disturbing peace and security in the region and inviting instability and escalation of tension.

The Japanese reactionaries have recently deployed a new-type Aegis warship Haguro at Sasebo Port near the Korean peninsula and are beefing up their offensive war equipment in the regions favourable for continental aggression as evidenced by the plan to deploy F-35B stealth fighters at a base of the Air “Self-Defense Force”.

The goal of the manoeuvres is clear from the Japanese government’s planned deployment of F-35B at a base of “Self-Defense Force” for the first time in history, terming it “a decisive card for defending a solitary island”, and the employment of this fighter with the capabilities of short-distance lift and vertical landing on the aircraft carrier-class escort ship Izmo.

At present, Japan persists in maximizing the SDF’s capability for fighting a war under the pretext of “defending a solitary island.”

It is equipping the “amphibious task force” called the Japanese version of marines with the latest war hardware and trying to introduce a new transport warship for supplying materials, including ammunition and fuel to the units of the Ground “Self-Defense Force” deployed in Nansei archipelagos.

It is also staging war exercises for committing the SDF forces to the battlefield, regardless of time.

The international community is now shocked at Japan, the war criminal state, running amok to rewrite the blood-stained history of aggression without an iota of soul-searching of its past crimes.

Absolutely intolerable is its moves to do grave harm again to the world and humankind.

The Japanese reactionaries’ military adventure for realizing their wild dream to reinvade other countries will entail catastrophic consequences.


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