A Hostel Dear to Girl Weavers

It is said that girls like to smile a sweet smile and sing songs. Our girl weavers probably seem to be so. They lead a worthwhile labour and happy life every day.

After work, they spend most of their time in the workers’ hostel of the factory.

The 7-storeyed hostel, which consists of 3 blocks, are fully provided with living conditions, including bedrooms, a dining hall, bathroom, beauty parlour, shop and clinic.

According to their hobbies and purpose, the girls study various sci-tech knowledge through the intranet, read books in the library or play various sports and amusement games and other leisure activities.

Cooking practice is their most favourite thing. I often acted as a judge in their cooking competition and food show. At that time, I can see that their cooking skills improve day by day.

We have many girls who are good at singing, writing poems and drawing pictures. Among them are triplets Kang Song Hwa, Kang Tae Hwa and Kang Kuk Hwa who volunteered to work in our factory one year ago. Their songs, poems and pictures reflect their life.

The hostel prepares a 10-year birthday spread for the girls with a term of ten-or-more year service at the factory. It also runs a “day for hostellers” twice a month.

Seven years have passed since the inauguration of the hostel.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un guided its construction. During his field guidance to the factory he selected the site for the hostel and solved the problems arising in the construction. He expressed great satisfaction, looking round the newly-built hostel on April 29, 2014. And he saw to it that a grand banquet was arranged for the workers in the hostel in celebration of May Day. The happiness of that day remains etched in the memory of our girl weavers.

It is quite natural for such girl weavers to establish their fame as innovators.

They call the hostel as their dear house as it is full of the reminiscences of their happy girlhood. So, they frequent it even after they got married.

Rim Su Hyok, head of a department, Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill

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