Spring Tree-Planting in Full Swing

Spring tree-planting is in full swing in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Officials and working people across the country turned out in the work of afforesting and landscaping the whole country. They are planting saplings in a responsible manner in keeping with their regional conditions and as suited to the features of tree species.

South Phyongan Province planted over twenty million saplings up to now by waging the tree-planting as an all-people drive.

Based on its detailed stage-by-stage plan, North Hwanghae Province is planting saplings as required by the technical regulations and making efforts to increase their survival rate by applying various growth stimulants.

North Hamgyong Province is planting chestnut, pine-nut and other wild fruit trees in large areas in a scientific and technological way in keeping with its climatic and soil conditions.

Nampho and Kaesong cities are planting saplings in large areas while strictly adhering to the principles of planting the right trees in the right soil and in the right season.

Over one hundred and tens of millions of saplings were planted across the country in a little over one month since the beginning of spring tree-planting.

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