Samcholli IP & IT Co.

The Samcholli IP & IT Company engages in the legal services and promotion of the IP rights sector in the country.

Ri Chung Bok, director of the company, said: Established in Juche 102 (2013), our company is widely known at home and abroad for its service of intellectual property rights in trademarks, industrial designs and appellation of origin.

The company makes IP application (national or international), registration, litigation, settlement of disputes, consultation, advisory service, etc.

It makes efforts to inscribe in foreign countries the valuable trademarks of the specialties and famous products, industrial designs and appellation of origin of the country to protect them in line with the conventions and agreements of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and as required by the laws of the countries concerned.

Most recently alone, it inscribed tens of trademarks, including “Konhap”, “Sobaeksu” and “Ragwon” in other countries.

It makes electronic filing representation to provide applicants with quickness, accuracy and convenience in taking proceedings.

It is intensifying exchange and cooperation with the WIPO and its counterparts in order to timely solve problems arising in the efforts to prevent the infringement upon the IP rights of the country and protect them.

It posts the state of inscription on its information site “Samcholligumsugangsan” to inform the people at home and abroad of it. It also gives wide publicity to the IP rights through newspapers, radios, magazines and TV, thus rendering services to helping people have a correct understanding of intellectual property and raising the public awareness about its protection.

It also carries on the work to inscribe the trademark rights of foreign individuals and enterprises in the DPRK and protect them. Some trademarks of Germany, Portugal and other countries have been registered in the country.

The company is making efforts to steadily expand the range of intellectual property rights and their influence and ensure better environment for the right in solidarity with the copyright owners, supporters and companions at home and abroad.

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