Factory Renowned for Exquisite Craftsmanship

To increase the sales of craftworks by constantly improving their quality in keeping with the development of the times is one of the business strategies of craftwork producers.

Among them is the Pyongyang Daesong Jewellery Factory.

The factory with an over 40-year history can be said to represent the DPRK’s gold, silver and gem works.

Staffed with tens of highly skilled craftspeople and hundreds of producers, it turns out hundreds of kinds of craftworks that are classified according to material, form, pattern and use of jewels.

The factory, equipped with facilities to process gemstones including an automatic jewel processing machine, processes olivine, synthetic gems (ruby and zircon) and several other kinds of jewels in different shapes like conical, oval, bead, marquise and long octagonal, thereby enhancing the value of gold and silver jewellery such as ring, necklace and broach.

A variety of such ornaments are virtually works of art.

“We craftsmen are similar to writers who represent human feelings in their literary works. We process precious metals with manual dexterity to meet the tastes and interest of users,” said Hwang Ui Sop.

He has been working as a craftsman for 35 years and his extraordinary craftsmanship is a model copied by young colleagues.

Craftwork pieces, which are processed in original and refined patterns and shapes while ensuring the purity of gold and silver with high precision, guarantee credit for customers.

According to Manager Kim Chol, the brassware invented and developed by Korean ancestors were in considerable demand in those eras for excellence and are still in great demand.

Such brassware pieces as sinsollo (cooking brazier), rice and soup bowls, spoon and chopsticks, a set of amber kettle and tray are much sought after by people for the high gloss degree and superb craftsmanship and the inclusion of copper that is good for health.

As is known, copper is an essential microelement for human body that prevents cell destruction, retards aging and has a strong sterilizing effect.

Herein lies a reason why brass tableware are favoured by people.

The factory works to solve such difficult technical problems as the introduction of a technology to prevent the discoloration of brassware.

Its brass vessels are recognized as the best products in the country.

The factory also produces a variety of brass craftworks. They give purchasers a new horizon for the highly ornamental effects.

Besides, the factory’s stone ornaments are also in big demand. It processes such locally abundant stone materials as nephrite, marble and serpentine in the shape of various creatures like goshawk, polar bear, horse, reindeer and goldfish.

The Pyongyang Daesong Jewellery-brand products of the factory have found a niche both in domestic and foreign markets.

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