To Improve Dental Treatment

Song Kwang Myong, a dentist of the dental branch under the Songyo District People’s Hospital in Pyongyang, has been awarded over 50 diplomas for his invention conducive to the oral and maxillofacial surgery.

He is acknowledged as a competent dentist in the hospital.

He graduated in dentistry from Hamhung College of Medical Sciences. He set it as his goal to make dental materials with domestic raw materials and has made painstaking efforts to this end. Finally, he succeeded in perfecting a method of making anhydrite by means of pulverization.

And he developed a new dental material by making use of zinc phosphate cement abundant in the country and thus made a contribution to improving the quality of dental prosthetics and preventing caries and its relapse.

He also invented quality dental materials and sanitary goods and medical instruments, including antibacterial resin tray and oral cleaning water, which are widely used in treatment.

The method of making antibacterial dental resin was appreciated as a national invention and awarded a gold medal in the 12th National Invention and New Technology Exhibition.

He is devoting himself to the treatment of patients while making efforts to produce better dental materials.

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