Serve as a Stepping-Stone for the Future

“One can cross a brook safely only when there are steady stepping-stones. The same is the case with education. Only when we teachers serve as a steady stepping-stone for the students, can they remain unchanged on the path of their life for the prosperity of the country.”

So Chun Yong, a deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly and the principal of Kusong Middle School No.1 in North Phyongan Province, says this to the incoming teachers.

Her school has been renowned across the country as it was the first to put all the courses of teaching and experiments and practical training on an IT footing and as its students have taken the lead in the rate of admission to a college or university.

The fact is associated with the efforts of the principal who has devoted herself to the education of the rising generation.

It happened some days after her appointment as the principal that she visited a cooperative farm in the township together with students.

That day, the chief engineer of the farm asked students whether they knew what kind of fertilizer farmers were spraying now.

It was the period when the rice plants began to develop stems, but the students failed to give a correct answer.

The chief engineer explained to them in plain language to easily understand the features of fertilizers needed in the periods when crops grow and ripen.

She was really sorry to see them.

What is the use of teaching them impractical knowledge?

With this as a momentum, she inspeced lessons of various subjects and classes in different grades at work for several days, where she felt shocked again.

The point at issue was that teachers were giving theoretical knowledge devoid of practical vlaue.

She organized weekly and monthly panel discussions, seminars on teaching experience and the day of sectional meetings to cultivate emulation among teachers and between sections and constantly improve the teaching methods.

She also made sure that all the teachers mastered new curricula and set over 500 applied questions according to subjects so as to give lessons in such a way of having discussions and arguments about them with students.

She turned all the classrooms into multi-functional ones and put teaching, experiments and practical training on an IT footing to make students positive learners and practicians.

Teaching plans combined with practice, various teaching aids and over 200 multimedia began to be used in lectures, with the result that not only the teachers’ qualifications but the students’ academic abilities were improved markedly.

In the course of this, teachers with doctorate and other academic degrees and tens of model teachers were produced.

Tens of its graduates have become Heroes and officials who live forever in the memory of the country and the people, and famous scientists and artistes who are held dear and respected by the people.

So Chun Yong has just turned 70, but she is devoting herself to the education of the rising generation.

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