Millions of Fruit Tree Saplings Planted

Fruit farms across the country carried out the goal of planting fruit tree saplings for this year.

According to available information, they planted millions of fruit tree saplings and conducted rotation of fruit trees on thousands of hectares of land.

The Fruit Tree Management Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture made sure that all the fruit farms across the country concentrate efforts upon carrying out the plans for producing and planting superior strains of saplings such as apple, pear, peach, persimmon, apricot, cherry, jujube, grapes and strawberry, and their rotation in good time.

Kwail County finished the planting of fruit tree saplings with high productivity and strong resistance to the drought, heavy rainstorm and cold weather.

Pukchong County planted fruit tree saplings as required by technical regulations.

Kosan, Onchon, Pyongyang and other fruit farms finished planting various species of fruit tree saplings by applying a method of close planting and are now making efforts to increase their survival rate.

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