International Mother Earth Day

April 22 is International Mother Earth Day.

The health crisis has been caused by climate change, changes in biodiversity and ecosystems triggered by human activities and the transmission of infectious diseases between animals and humans, including wildfire, record-breaking high temperature, outbreak by swarms of locusts, prevalence of Ebola virus and spread of coronavirus variants around the world. It is difficult to overcome without the common consciousness of the masses and their concerted efforts.

The reality proves that the way to address the root cause of such pandemic as COVID-19 sweeping across the world is to reduce the points of contact between human beings and various other living species and preserve healthy ecosystems and nature.

From this point of view, International Mother Earth Day serves as a good occasion for bringing home to people the close correlation among humans, animals and environment.

The DPRK, which regards it as an important policy-oriented issue to protect nature and environment, channels nationwide efforts into dealing with the destruction of ecosystems and decrease in the number of habitats, which are caused by worldwide climate change, and the economic decline and effect on the society produced by epidemics.

The second stage of the forest restoration campaign is being conducted in the country to restore the forest ecosystem and increase forest areas, while every province, city and county are making vigorous efforts to increase the number of wildlife sanctuaries.

Since the DPRK marks International Mother Earth Day at the time when its spring general mobilization movement for land administration is at its height every year, various activities conducted on this occasion to raise public awareness have a great impact on the masses.

Information activities are conducted to give people a proper understanding of the fact that human beings, animals and plants that form the basis of global environment and public health problems have interrelationships with the Earth, and to inform them of the great significance of afforestation and forest reformation in protecting the forest ecosystem, habitats and biodiversity and sustainably ensuring man’s living environment and ecological environment.

Education in patriotism and publicity activities are intensified to make all the people turn out in the protection of land and environment with an increasing awareness that great achievements can be made in a short span of time when the protection work is conducted on a large, nationwide scale.

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