Draconian “Law on Maintenance of Public Order”

After occupying Korea by force of arms in 1905, the Japanese imperialists concocted the “law on maintenance of public order” and many other evil laws. Based on them, they mercilessly cracked down on the struggle of the patriotic Koreans against their colonial ruling system and order.

They enacted the “law on maintenance of public order” in April 1925 and enforced it in Korea from May. The law stipulated that those who were related with the organization of an association, enrollment in it and incitement to attaining the goal of the association, and who instigated, promised or ignored criminal acts shall be punished.

In 1928 they revised the law in such a way that death penalty, life imprisonment, or 5-year imprisonment or confinement shall be meted out to those who organized an association aimed at the “change of the state system” and its leading members and those who played the leading role in it.

In 1941 in the run-up to the Pacific War, they amended the law in an all-round way.

Chapter 1 dedicated to defining crimes remained the same as the 1928 version, but the law expanded and strengthened the law-enforcement organs’ authority over the forced disposition, restricted the power of attorneys and stipulated the prohibition of arraignment for the judgment at the first trial.

Chapter 3 referred to protective custody. Its period was two years, and it would be renewed for several times without limit, if necessary.

By invoking the evil law, the Japanese imperialists oppressed and slaughtered a large number of Korean revolutionaries and other patriotic people until their ignominious defeat in 1945.

They brutally killed Koreans at random, claiming that if they killed one hundred people there would be at least one communist among them. In this way, they killed more than one million Koreans during their colonial rule over the country.

The suppression and slaughtering committed by the Japanese imperialists against the Korean people was, from A to Z, a hideous crime against humanity, unprecedented in history, aimed at obliterating the Korean nation.

However, far from making a sincere apology for and reflecting on its past crimes, Japan still persists in committing sins by resorting to the schemes for distorting its crime-woven history.

The Korean people still remember the hideous crimes Japan committed against them in the past, and will surely settle scores with it.

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