Japan’s Risky Military Moves

Recently, Japan deployed a new-type Aegis warship Haguro at Sasebo Port under the pretext of “ballistic missile interception”.

As a result, four of eight Aegis warships of the maritime “Self-Defense Force” are deployed at Sasebo Port not far away from the Korean peninsula.

This is a dangerous act to realize the wild ambition for reinvasion at any cost, destroying peace and causing instability in the region.

Japan has worked hard to throw the international community and regional situation into confusion by hyping up “threat” from its surroundings. Taking advantage of it, it has stepped up the development and deployment of military hardware, a stereotyped way peculiar to Japan for beefing up its military muscle.

Besides the military drills to cope with “threat” from the DPRK, it is mulling over the deployment of F-35B stealth fighters at Nyutabaru Base under the pretext of tackling “China’s recapture of a solitary island”. Those ultra-modern fighters are to be deployed on the aircraft carrier-class escort ship Izmo.

The gravity of the issue lies in the fact that Japan’s arms buildup is not for “eliminating threat” touted by its politicians but for attaining more dangerous things.

As is well-known, Japan has resorted to arms buildup since its defeat in a bid to realize the old dream for the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” out of its revanchist ambition for launching reinvasion, far from deeply reflecting on its past crimes and making an apology.

The “joint combat capability system” installed at the recently deployed new-type Aegis ship to enable the real-time sharing of accurate position information of hostile missiles and aircraft, technical specifications of F-35B, and others definitely run counter to the principle of exclusive defense stipulated in the current Japanese constitution. They clearly show the deceptive nature of the story about “threat” much touted by Japan and its sinister design to “dominate the East”.

The ceaseless development and production of military equipment like the building of a new-type submarine and escort ship and concentration of combat-ready troops of “Self-Defense Forces” one after another in attacking positions and key places of the archipelago like Sasebo Port and Nyutabaru Base favourable for launching continental invasion shed light on Japan’s dangerous ambition for making reinvasion in contingency.

All these facts prove that Japan is the very one seriously threatening regional peace and stability.

The Korean nation and other peoples in the region will never overlook the moves of the criminal nation trying to inflict misfortune and pain upon mankind again as it did in the last century.

Japan should give up its foolish daydream and dismantle all offensive weapons deployed under the excuse of coping with regional situation in a complete, verifiable and irreversible way.


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