High-Performance Machine Tools Are Produced

The Kusong Machine Tool Factory is developing and manufacturing a variety of machine tools of high performance.

In the past, a high-speed precision lathe “Kusong-3”, a general turning machine and other machines were highly appreciated in the exhibitions and fairs held at home and abroad. Based on such experience and foundations, it is now directing efforts to developing new machines.

In recent years, it has produced tens of kinds of machines, including vertical machining centre (VMC-500), CNC lathe “Kusong-6C”, etc.

It makes efforts to reduce the cost of products by improving the performance of outdated machine tools.

In cooperation with the State Academy of Sciences and other relevant units, it has evaluated the recycling feasibility of parts of outdated machine tools and, based on it, introduced recycling and numerical control technologies.

In the course of this, it sent many machine tools to different fields of the national economy, including CNC cylinder boring lathe and 800 machining centre.

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