Sci-Tech Achievements for Metallurgical Industry

Several iron and steel works of the country are making vigorous efforts to technologically perfect the Juche-based iron-making system, expand its production capacity and radically increase the output of iron and steel.

Major iron works are pushing ahead with a project to build new energy-saving iron blast furnaces by upgrading their existing production lines with advanced technology. Many scientific research institutes, including the Metal Engineering Faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology, are making scientific and technological achievements to this end.

Dr. and Associate Pro. Min Kwang Sik and other researchers of the Juche Iron Laboratory put forward a plan to build a new iron blast furnace perfected last year at the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex.

They are solving a large number of technological problems in time to increase the output of the Juche iron while reducing the consumption of oxygen and coal in the new furnace and make more effective use of waste gas.

Researchers of industrial furnace engineering, metallurgical theory and other departments are speeding up scientific researches with a goal to make the metallurgical bases of the country display all their capabilities.

They went to the iron and steel works to work out technical and operational instructions of several production lines and thus made a contribution to raising their productivity by 1.3 times as against the previous period. They also helped several units put furnace operation on a normal basis and establish a reduced iron production line.

Their devoted efforts brought about a breakthrough in attaining the goal of iron and steel production of the new five-year plan.

Kim Jong Ho, dean of the faculty, said: We scientists and technicians are charged with the duty to perform the role of a locomotive in putting on a normal track the metal industry, the pillar of supporting economic construction and the improvement of the people’s living standards.

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