Functional Paints in Increasing Demand

The paints developed by the Korea Jinung Trading Company are in great demand.

They can effectively be used for the finishing coating of the interior and exterior decoration of structures. As functional paints, they have peculiar colour and glossy effects, and ensure at a high level such indexes of technical specifications as resistance to sunlight and weathering.

In particular, the paint of multicolour patterns made by mixing various pigments has strong adhesive force, over 2 000 hours of resistance to ultraviolet degradation, over 5 000 rounds of interior detergency, no physical change in the temperature ranging from 30℃ to 50℃ and a lifespan of over 10 years. A single spray has an effect of decorative patterns of various colours.

This paint is applicable for decorating the ground surfaces of various materials including concrete, tree, glass, metal, plastic, marble and granite, and for finishing interior and exterior ornamentation of public buildings and dwelling houses.

Besides, the company produces a variety of paints, including nano-antibiotic paint, decoration paint and weather resistance glossy acrylic paint which are winning popularity among users.

The paint of multicolour patterns was awarded the top prize at the national exhibition of sci-tech achievements in the sector of finishing building materials-2019.

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