Congratulatory Message to 8th Congress of Communist Party of Cuba

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea sent a congratulatory message to the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba on April 16.

The WPK Central Committee in the message warmly congratulated the CPC on its 8th Congress and expressed warm comradely greetings to all the members of the CPC.

The message noted that the Cuban revolution, which was pioneered and has victoriously advanced under the guidance of the eternal leader of the Cuban revolution Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz and the respected Comrade Raul Castro Ruz, has now entered a new historic phase of the struggle for building a prosperous socialist state overcoming manifold challenges and trials.

It expressed firm belief that the 8th Congress of the CPC being held at the important and crucial time would become a significant occasion for marking an important milestone in the sacred struggle of the CPC for firmly defending the gains of the revolution, surely ensuring the continuity and immutability of the socialist cause, achieving prosperity and development of the country and promoting the people’s wellbeing.

The relations between the two parties and the two countries of the DPRK and Cuba were forged in the joint struggle for victoriously advancing the socialist cause against imperialism and verified in the trials of the complicated international situation and are now further developing as required by the new era, the message added.

Expressing conviction that the traditional friendship and unity and cooperative relations between the two parties and the peoples of the two countries would grow stronger in the future, the message sincerely hoped that the CPC congress would successfully discuss and decide its agenda items and provide a sure guarantee for the victorious advance of the revolutionary cause of Cuba.


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