Young People Celebrate Day of the Sun with Dancing

There were dancing parties of the youth and students in the capital city of Pyongyang and different parts of the country on April 15 to celebrate the Day of the Sun (President Kim Il Sung’s birth anniversary).

They danced in Pyongyang’s dancing party spaces, including the plazas of the April 25 House of Culture and of the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, where dancing parties started with the song “Let Us Sing of the Day of the Sun”.

Fully reflected in the dancing spaces were the highest glory and respect to Kim Il Sung.

The participants danced to the tunes of such songs as “Bright Is Our Future” and “Forward, the Youth, Following the Party” and “Hymn to the Youth” with a firm determination to carry forward the march of Paektu by taking a firm grip on the baton of the revolution.

Similar dancing parties were held in provincial seats, cities and counties on the same day.

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