The Spirit of Chollima Still Lives

The Chollima Steel Complex, a major steel production base of the country, is seething with a high enthusiasm.

In response to the appeal of President Kim Il Sung who, during his visit to the Kangson Steel Plant (the present Chollima Steel Complex) after the victorious Fatherland Liberation War, said that 10 000 tons of more steel would greatly help the country, the workers had produced 120 000 tons with a 60 000-ton-capacity blooming mill and ushered in the era of Chollima. With the same spirit and mettle as were displayed by the preceding generations, the workers of the complex have turned out as one in the campaign to implement to the letter the five-year plan for national economic development advanced at the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Kim Han Il, general manager of the complex, said: According to the steel production target reflected in the new five-year plan, we have confirmed the plan for this year in a realistic and detailed way and all the employees have turned out.

Officials of the complex are directing their primary efforts to normalizing the production of rolled steel and technically upgrading the overall production lines, while improving the complex’s operation and management.

On this basis, technical upgrading of further perfecting the regular operation and the infrastructure of the rolling and forging processes and the scientific research into lowering steel production costs by relying on its own technical forces are going full steam ahead in a planned way.

That is not all.

A mass-based technical innovation drive is also in full swing at the complex.

The technicians and workers of the complex made concerted efforts to introduce such valuable technical innovation plans as the oxygen-coal injection technology into UHP electric arc furnace. In this way, they further increased productivity while reducing the rate of consumption of electricity, electrodes and fireproof materials.

And they are identifying large reserves and potentials by displaying collective wisdom of the masses in the effort to manufacture and install a gas generator needed for establishing a tundish-heating process in the steel workshop.

The complex is pushing forward with the work for setting up an advanced steel production line, where UHP electric arc furnace, continuous ingot moulder, ladle refining furnace and continuous rolling mill are integrated.

At the same time, it is promoting the supply of sufficient amounts of raw materials for producing steel by building a new energy-saving iron blast furnace in the Posan Iron Works.

With the consciousness that the level of steel production means national strength, the working class of the complex solve all the problems by relying on science and technology, adjust and improve the material and technological foundations of the complex and increase steel production with each passing day.

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