Day of the Sun Celebrated

All the people across the country significantly celebrated the Day of the Sun (birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung), the greatest national holiday.

Working people and service personnel of the Korean People’s Army in different parts of the country visited the statues of the great leaders and their smiling portraits in different parts of the country to pay homage.

A national photo exhibition and a national pencil drawing and calligraphy festival were held to mark the Day of the Sun.

Colourful celebration performances were given in Pyongyang and other localities.

The Mansudae Art Troupe gave a music and dance performance at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre.

The artistes of the Phibada Opera Troupe staged a batch of performance of excellent pieces of music and scenes from revolutionary operas at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre.

A revolutionary drama “Blood at an International Conference” was staged at the National Theatre.

A music and dance performance given by the National Folk Art Troupe and an acrobatic performance by the National Circus were given at the Ponghwa Art Theatre and the Pyongyang Circus Theatre respectively, delighted the Pyongyang citizens enjoying the holiday.

Out-door performances were also given by artistes of the central artistic motivational squads and members of artistic motivational teams in Pyongyang in different parts of the city, revving up the atmosphere of the April holiday.

That day, public catering amenities served the customers to enliven the holiday.

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