When one visits President Kim Il Sung’s native home at Mangyongdae, one can hear the melody of the immortal classic song Nostalgia in the yard.

When I was leaving my home,
My mother told me in tears to make a good journey.
Her voice is still ringing in my ears.


Not far away from my home runs a small stream
And my younger brothers and sisters were playing there.
Their images are still fresh in my memory.


A lovely spring at Mangyongdae with the Taedong flowing by,
O, I cannot forget this sweet home even in my dreams.
I shall return when the country is set free.


A song Kim Il Sung created in the days of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, Nostalgia depicts through a soft and gentle national melody the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters’ affectionate feelings for their home villages and families and their lofty determination to achieve Korea’s liberation without fail.

A veteran of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle once recollected: Kim Il Sung often sang the song Nostalgia during the anti-Japanese armed struggle, and we earnestly requested him to teach us how to sing it. After teaching us, he said that we must fight against the Japanese imperialists to the end to win back our dear country and home villages.”

While singing the song, the Korean revolutionaries would picture their native homes in their minds and hardened their resolve to remain faithful to the revolution.

Everyone loves the song about a native home but, for Kim Il Sung, the song Nostalgia was not connected only with his home village.

During the anti-Japanese armed struggle, he used to sing this song around the campfire together with the anti-Japanese guerrillas on a moonlit night and, during the grim Fatherland Liberation War, he often sang it while conceiving operations plans. For him, the beautiful home village he pictured in his mind while singing the song was his country as a whole.

He loved the song throughout his revolutionary career. Drawing strength from this song, he built the people-centred socialist country on this land.

The song Nostalgia is still widely sung by the Korean people reminding them of President Kim Il Sung who devoted his all to the country and the revolution throughout his life.

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