Flower Baskets to Kim Jong Un from Members of Board of Directors of Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on April 14 received flower baskets sent by members of the Board of Directors of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation on the occasion of the Day of the Sun (birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung).

He received a floral basket in the joint name of Co-Chairman Johnny Hon and Vice-Chairman Keith Bennet, and flower baskets from Honorary Vice-Chairman Sai Tiejen and Honorary Directors Cui Tongwen, Qiu Shuibo and Qiu Jianliang.

That day, he received flower baskets from the China Dandong branch of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation and an association for praying for immortality for the Palace of the Sun, and from members of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation; Cui Tongjun and his wife, Lin Gennan, Li Ailan, Jin Chengwu, Zhan Xueyan, Jin Chenyu, Tang Yiming, Cui Yan, Andrei Morkel and Henrik Nydqvist.


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