Caught by Great Idea (1)

Lady Painter`s Sincerity

Christi Milo, a famous French female painter who was charmed by President Kim Il Sung to create his portrait, was a renowned portraitist across the world.

Once she made a trip to the DPRK in her mingled senses of curiosity and yearning. It became an important occasion that attracted her to making a creation with a new ambition and ideal.

Determined never to call herself a famous painter earlier than her painting the portrait of President Kim Il Sung, she finished painting by making an effort for two months.

Later, she said to her friends: “What I concluded from my visit to the DPRK is that the modern DPRK is precisely President Kim Il Sung and his Juche idea.”

In February 1989, the members of the French Association for the Study of the DPRK courteously suggested to a delegation of scientists from the DPRK to mediate the portrait of President Kim Il Sung to the President as a gift that Christi Milo painted elaborately.

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